I was a Creative Director at BuzzFeed.

Here are a few more of my favorite campaigns:

Despicable Me 2 – NBCUniversal

NBCUniversal came to BuzzFeed looking to drive traffic to their Instaminion app.  I strategized a campaign that leveraged Despicable Me’s characters in a fun, BuzzFeedy format. This campaign ended up being one of BuzzFeed’s most successful programs in 2013 with millions of engagements and hundreds of thousands of shares.



Glade – Best Feelings

Glade wanted to connect with BuzzFeed users around the idea #bestfeelings, so I created an always-on program of content focused on tent-pole events, evergreen feel-good content, and emotional connection through smell. This successful campaign included over 1.5 million engagements and led to repeat business with the client, who was thrilled with the group brainstorms and learning sessions I facilitated.



Quicken Loans – March Madness

Quicken Loans wanted to own the conversation around the 2014 NCAA Tournament.  We created a first-t0-market integration that utilized the BuzzFeed personality test to create an individualized March Madness bracket.  If you liked dogs, the Gonzaga Bulldogs would be a top seed.  And if you’re down to party, Florida State would probably make it to the Final Four.  Ya burned, Florida State.  Burned.



Rogaine – World Cup 2014

BuzzFeed loves to declare something “The Definitive Ranking.”  But, what if the user doesn’t agree?  My team created a product to encourage engagement with the actual order of the list.  Johnson and Johnson hopped on the opportunity to sponsor this new CMS integration.  We created a robust strategy around the World Cup.  Users can create their own definitive rankings, share it across the social web and challenge their friends to do the same.






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