I was the Creative Director at Refinery29.  I oversaw the team making all the branded content.

Here are a few of my favorite projects:



For the past three years, R29 has thrown the most inclusive fashion week party in New York City: 29Rooms.  

29Rooms brings to life the signature R29 imaginative spirit IRL through an interactive funhouse of style, culture, & technology.  Working with our experiential team, I concepted and pitched unique, branded rooms that both showed off the partner brands’ personalities and were massively grammable by visitors.

1 in 2 people on Instagram saw #29Rooms. AdWeek wrote about how we helped brands create “Instagram-worthy, interactive art.”

For Perrier, we created a room called “Beyond the Bubbles,” where visitors could write messages on floating orbs and cast them into a giant pool. From visitor photos, Perrier gained 32.8 million press impressions and 180MM Instagram impressions.


TJMaxx – Mothership

Millennial moms want to be spoken to in a different way.  They want to embrace the unique experiences of being a mom and celebrate their individuality.  

Together, R29 and TJMaxx launched Mothership.  A new platform that speaks to moms in an authentic way.  

We launched with this multimedia feature where real moms shared their honest and funny experiences.

We also created a rich social strategy to amplify the messaging.  Here’s my and my baby on insta.  Haaaaay baby Fred.


Revlon – Signs Of Love

The Refinery29 audience loves horoscopes.  Year after year, it’s been our top performing content.  

With Signs of Love, we paired a beauty look with each astrological sign.


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